Have you ever put on a pair of pants that just didn’t quite fit? 

Feels weird right?  The same can be said about using a Pinterest marketing strategy that doesn’t fit your business.  

So, what exactly is a Pinterest marketing strategy and how do you “tailor it” to your business and Pinterest account? First, let’s start with what Pinterest can do for you. Utilizing Pinterest can bring more attention to your brand by boosting traffic to your website, email list, eCommerce store, and increase your SEO making you rank higher on other platforms like Google. 

Okay, let’s shop around…

The main thing you want to do is be consistent.  Creating your Pin schedule with Fresh Pins and Repins is very important and doing them regularly.  Feed the beast.  Pinterest wants you to maintain your pinning schedule week after week.  

Participate in Pinterest Group Boards and Tailwind Communities BUT don’t neglect your own content.  Dedicate a few minutes every day to this and you should see results. 

Upload Fresh Pins every day.  Get into Canva or any other graphic design program and get creative!  Don’t have a creative gene?  Pin templates are available on Canva or even on Etsy.  Buy and download some and edit from there.  

Try different Pin designs.  Yes, you should try to stay on brand but just like people have different body shapes, they have different tastes when it comes to what they like to pin.  What I think looks good might differ from you!  

Timing is everything.  It’s not just about pinning every day, you need to pin at the best time possible for your pins to be seen.  Do some research on your own about when to pin but also utilize schedulers like Tailwind.  They actually give you suggestions on when the best time to pin would be and they are an approved partner with Pinterest.  

Use your keywords and use them everywhere.  Remember pinners want catchy titles but they also want good descriptions and for those elements to lead to good content.  Build trust with your followers and they will continue to click that save button.  If you take anything away from this post, remember that keywords are vital to your success. 

Idea Pins are here to stay.  Love them or hate them, it is just a fact. Pinners tend to be frustrated that you can’t link Idea Pins, but they do help bring followers to your account which could bring about more traffic.  Think of Idea Pins as an appetizer, they leave your followers wanting more. You can make videos on Canva, videos of something you are doing, or actually get on the camera.  On my account, the most successful Idea Pins have been when I show my face.  Yes, it is scary but can be very rewarding! 

Finally, you need to decide if you are going to utilize both organic and paid strategies.  Again, no two accounts follow the same path.  Do you want to invest Ad dollars?  That is something you need to decide.  There is no right answer, just the answer that works for you.   


Here is a small insight into my current Pinterest Account strategy. My goal is to do this for 60 days to see results (I am on day 7). I set a timer and pin for 15 minutes a day and get pinning.  For ten minutes, I post or schedule 1-2 Fresh Pins, Repin other content, and about 10 Group/Community Boards a day. The final 5 minutes, I scroll through my home feed and engage with other pinners.  Right now I am focusing on organic traffic for my account but expect to use promoted pins down the road. 

Tailor made for you

As you can see this isn’t some “get rich quick” scam.  I can’t tell you exactly how many times a day, what time of day, or what pin design will work best for your ideal follower. BUT hopefully you can use the tips listed above to create your own Pinterest Marketing Strategy that helps you grow your account and reach your goals.  Again, what works for my business, might not work for yours.  

I have loved growing my Pinterest Account from the ground up.  I offer account set-up as one of my packages and felt that it was only fair to start my own account from the beginning as well.  Pinterest is a marathon, not a sprint.  I knew I wasn’t going to start my account and boom, have 1000 followers overnight.  That isn’t realistic when you are starting from scratch with a new business.  I want to have an authentic experience so I can bring my knowledge to my clients and actually be able to tell them “I’ve been there, I get it”.  I experiment with my account, so you don’t have to. 

Please reach out to me at Radtke Virtual Services if you would l to work with a Virtual Assistant that is determined to find the “right size” for your Pinterest Marketing Strategy AND get you so comfortable with your decision, you would think you were lounging in your favorite comfy pants every day! 

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