New year, new business!

Wow, 2022 already!  January is such an exciting time, it just screams “fresh start”. I am officially done with my previous in-person job as a K-12 school head lunch lady (Chef Manager if you want to get technical) and I officially launched my business, Radtke Virtual Services. I am loving this new life as a work-from-home mom being able to help clients grow their business through Pinterest and general admin services.  

Wait chef to VA? 

Yep, I did that. But do I have experience? Sure I do! I offer a very unique background as a VA. Foodservice requires a lot of administrative work. Menu planning, recipe development, production records, staff scheduling, emailing, SOPs, invoicing, product ordering, and a TON of customer service. I also worked in an office assistant role a few years ago where I wrote newspaper articles, created newsletters, graphics and organized events. Also, don’t forget my experience growing up on a dairy farm in Minnesota. If there is a harder job than dairy farming or parenting I’d like to know, and I’ve done both. 

Know your value

Your experience so far matters. That is something I have learned through my journey of starting my own business. Every thing you have done up to this point has awarded you some skill that you can bring to your current job or whatever you do next. Self-doubt and impostors syndrome are real and can affect your confidence.  Growth and change can be scary.  I quit my job to start my small business with a new baby at home… talk about stressful. 

My advice on how to overcome imposters syndrome, acknowledge that it is there and push yourself to overcome it.  Speak up during that Zoom Meeting or practice doing the tasks that intimidate you. Also, changing up your mindset can make all the difference.  I went from “I am so new to this field” to “I am learning new skills everyday and am able to implement them for my clients.”  Know your value! 

Invest in yourself

It took a lot of soul searching and praying to decide to follow this path but once I did I went full force and that also helped me feel more confident as a business owner. I invested money into a website, got my EIN and pursue my education in the virtual assistant space every day.  I continue to work as hard as I can to prove to myself that I do have something to offer other entrepreneurs. 

Do not allow any negativity or ugliness in your surroundings destroy your confidence, affect your growth, or make you question your self-worth.

― Suzy Kassem

I have your back 

Starting anything new can be scary but can also be even more rewarding.  Celebrate the successes you have had so far and show it to those around you. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to see more of my journey and please reach out if you need someone to give you some positive vibes in your life. I’m rooting for you! 


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