Life as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant can be crazy!  It is so important to stay organized and have your “go-to” programs and platforms in place so you can be successful (and keep your clients happy). 

If you don’t know exactly what tools to use to be successful, don’t sweat it!  I have compiled a list of the tools I use regularly.


Pinterest is a visual search engine so you want to have good quality Pins.  Canva is my go-to platform. 

I love that I can organize my folders, keep templates, copy and export easily.  You can even post and schedule directly from Canva if you want.  If you are new to Canva or graphic design in general, you can use the templates that they already have or you can even buy from content creators on Etsy and edit those. 

You can use animations, change colors, fonts, upload your own images, or use the stock images already provided.  The sky’s the limit! I love being able to have my brand colors on file and I can easily change font colors, font styles, and background colors so my templates are on brand. You can also resize your Pins into posts for social media platforms (yay for repurposing). 


If you are looking for a Pin scheduler, Tailwind should be top of mind as it is an approved marketing partner of Pinterest.  Not only can you schedule your pins, you can design them as well. 

Like Canva, you can create your Pins, schedule them, add your description, title, and upload.  What sets it apart though is that it assists you in determining the ideal times for posting based off of your content and consumer-base.  (AKA your pin uploads when viewers are more likely to see it.)

Also, you can participate in Tailwind Communities.  You can interact with like-minded accounts and you share each other’s content and reach more people.  I personally use Canva to create my pins and schedule through Tailwind. 


Okay, so you know what your pins are going to look like but you want to be able to keep track of your pins, your client’s info, basically, just stay organized. Trello is my favorite project management system based on the fact that it is very visual. 

Clearly, I like visuals since I gravitate towards Pinterest.  Trello consists of workspaces, boards, lists, and cards.  It’s like a Nesting Doll. Let’s use my business, Radtke Virtual Services as an example. The workspace equals my business (note you can have several workspaces as well depending on which plan you use).  The different boards could be different clients, different work projects, or you can use it to organize your personal life too.  In a board you create lists which are in the form of columns.  In a client board you can have a list that contains their contact info and links.  You can manage a project in that board and have three lists like “to-do, doing, and done.” Think of the cards as post-it notes on those lists that you can drag and drop throughout the board. 

I personally, have a board dedicated to my Pinterest Account and most of my lists mirror my blog posts and my cards contain info on the pins that are linked to that post.  It is so helpful!

Google Workspace

Where would we be without Google?  I use Google Workspace for so many aspects of my business.  I use it for my email, documents, file storage, video calls, spreadsheets and so much more. 

In regards to Pinterest, I mainly use it for storage of my clients info (most of it ends up on Trello too) and to communicate with my clients.  I love a clean inbox at the end of the day and Gmail is my go to communication tool. 

Also, don’t forget the importance of Google Analytics and Trends.  SEO and Keywords so the glue that holds Pinterest Strategy in place so cross referencing Pinterest and Google results is imperative.  


This program is a very specific tool that I use in order to repurpose existing content for my clients as well as my own content.  Using SnapTik, I can take the watermarks off a video (say TikTok) and use that video for an Idea Pin or Instagram Reels or Story.  Repurposing content is so helpful when it comes to saving time.  


I use YouTube like most people, to learn something.  I learn best my watching then doing, which is why YouTube is perfect for me.  Watching videos has been key to me learning how to do many of my tasks as a Virtual Assistant. Need to learn how to add an animation on Canva? Can’t find that email you just saw five minutes ago? Want to watch a dog playing with a baby? Go to YouTube, someone has the video for you.  

App Store

This one just brings everything together.  Everything I have listed so far is available on my mobile device, that is HUGE for me!  Most of the time I am on my laptop using these tools but sometimes I am on the go and don’t have my laptop with me or it took me 45 minutes to put my baby to sleep and if I move he will wake up, enter the phone.

On the other hand, some tasks, like uploading an Idea Pin, are actually easier on my phone if that is how I took the video. Seriously, what did we do before the smartphone? 

I find these tools invaluable 

I hope after reading this list you understand the value of these tools for a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.  The most value comes in the form of time.  These tools make life easier due to the scheduling ability or just plain old organization which in turn saves you time and makes your clients happy.  For more Virtual Assistant and Pinterest tips, follow me on all things Radtke Virtual Services and feel free to comment or message me with any questions. If you are ready to grow your business with a Virtual Assistant in your corner, schedule a free discovery call today! 

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