Entrepreneurs have so many tasks that need to get done every day. This is why hiring a virtual assistant is so beneficial for small business owners. When you contract with a virtual assistant, you get more time to focus on your business, your personal life, or both. 

What does a virtual assistant do? 

Ummm, do you have a minute? There are so many services that a VA can assist you with, I can’t name them all. They can provide services such as social media management, podcast editing, Pinterest, web design, bookkeeping, technical support, and so much more.  Think of it this way, if they don’t need to be in the building, it can be done virtually. 

Virtual assistants can help you manage your to-do list so you can focus on what actually drives your business forward.  

Most virtual assistants work as freelancers, meaning they are independent contractors who offer their services in a supportive capacity.  Think of it like any other service-based contractor you have worked with before.  You need a plumber? You call a professional to take on the problem in your pipes, a VA will do much the same (just substitute the plunger and physical tools with a laptop and online business tools). 

Working with a VA will save you time and money!

Virtual assistants cover their own costs such as health insurance, internet, and taxes. How great is that? 

Don’t forget about the reduced training costs, if you work with a VA that already knows what they are doing, you can start seeing growth that much faster. Want to save more money upfront? You could outsource to a newer VA and pay lower costs so they can learn as they go.  Most VA’s are great at teaching themselves new skills, it’s practically a job requirement for freelancers.  

How great is it that you can hire them for specific tasks? This means you can outsource to the exact right person for your needs.  You want to delegate your Quickbooks to someone? Don’t work with a social media manager, instead you contract with someone who is passionate about bookkeeping. Maybe you have a bunch of employees who are working on different projects. Hire a freelance Online Business Manager who can help keep everyone organized and keeps you informed of only the necessary information.  Honestly, the opportunities for growth are endless with a virtual assistant at your side. Do you see the value yet? 


Okay, what if I tell you you could have more time for your personal life? 

Yes, it’s true. Consistency is key for the success of any business. Oftentimes this leads to putting so much pressure on getting tasks done that we business owners place our personal/ family lives on the backburner.  

Sound familiar? This is exactly why outsourcing is so important.  Once you establish a good relationship with your VA, you get your life back! Take a break from your business AND know that it is running like a well oiled machine. 

Are you ready to reduce your stress and hire the VA of your dreams? 

It’s okay to delegate and ask for help.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day, we need to use them wisely so we don’t go crazy! Can you think of one area of your business you are ready to outsource? Comment with the service you are looking to delegate.

Work with me!

Radtke Virtual Services offers custom packages so you can receive assistance that fits your unique needs.  Check out my website to learn more and book your FREE Discovery Call today. Grow your business with Radtke Virtual Services at your side.

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