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I was a guest on a podcast this month! This experience inspired me to offer some tips that I learned and would like to share so you can grow your brand awareness. 

Listening to Podcasts is one of my favorite things to do.  I can listen when I am working, doing the dishes, or driving.  I love listening to people offer their experiences on a particular topic and how I can connect with them outside of the podcast. I usually find a topic that interests me and dive right into the information.  

Years ago, I listened to several health podcasts so I could lose some weight in order to conceive, then the topics changed to pregnancy and mom podcasts.  Now I listen to freelancing and business owner-related podcasts.  I love finding that podcast that just clicks with me and the topic I am currently interested in. 

Everything changes when you are asked to guest on one though! I had to switch my brain from listener to presenter.  So what did I do to prepare myself to be a guest? Here are some of the things I did.

Learn About the Podcast and Host

Here is where I shamelessly plug my new friend Megan Gillespie, CEO of Boss Ladies And Babies (BLAB). Megan and I met on the Clubhouse app in a networking group.  I have joined her BLAB community and have been a fan ever since.  I started listening to her podcast, networking in the community she created, and so much more.  A perk of being in her community? You could be on the shortlist to be on her podcast because she gets to know you and what you are about.  

The BLAB community is all about collaboration and building connections with other mamas, which is my favorite part.  Being a solo-preneur and working from home, I needed to find a group of moms who “get it”. 

Anyways, back to the podcast.  I had already listened to a few episodes of the BLAB Podcast but now was time to listen to it and really pay attention to how Megan asked questions and how her guests answered back.  Proper podcast etiquette, I guess? I remember listening to a question Megan would ask her guest, pausing the podcast, and practicing how I would answer. 

Practice Makes Perfect, Right? 

Speaking of practicing, I found some common interview questions and practiced that way. Megan asked me for a list of topics that I wanted to cover. I practiced my responses to possible questions that she could ask me about working from home, being a virtual assistant, as well as anything Pinterest-related. I wanted to make sure I had solid answers so my brand was clear to her audience. 

I had a Google Doc ready to go with phrases I wanted to include, special notes, my offer for her listener, and some reminders to breathe and slow down.  Did I actually use this document much? No, but it was nice to have it there if I needed it. Luckily, the conversation flowed very easily so the notes weren’t needed too much.  If I did stumble, I was able to ask Megan to edit that part, which did happen on the first line (darn nerves lol). 

Share Your Information

Before the podcast, Megan asked me for some photos, a short bio. my website, social media, and any offers that I would like to give her audience.  I made sure these items were all in line with the branding I have established across my platforms so I had a cohesive look if a listener were to visit my accounts, they would feel welcome. 

My offer was a Free Pinterest Pin Organizer Spreadsheet that I have created and use to keep my pins, as well as my clients, organized. In the sheet you will find a video that I created that shows you how to utilize it. 

Updated my Tech

I didn’t do anything crazy, but I did update my webcam and my mic.  I have a pretty basic laptop and it was already on my list of to-dos so I just went with it.  Other than that, it was just me and my Zoom link. 

Since I plan to do more online meetings, podcasts, and live events, I figured I better invest in some upgrades that I could afford. There is plenty of tech that give you improved quality without breaking the bank. 

Share the Content

This is big, the host gave you the opportunity to be a guest on their show, support them! I liked Megan’s post and shared it on my social media after she sent me the graphics and now I am blogging about it, and will share this blog on my social media, email newsletters, website, and of course, Pinterest.  

Tell your friends, family, your uncle’s neighbor! Tell the world, it’s exciting!

Review and Reflect

This covers two topics, leaving a review for the podcast as well as reflecting on how you did and the experience as a whole. 

The easiest one to do is leave a review on the podcast where you heard it.  BLAB is available on all podcast mediums. 

On to the harder topic, reflecting on the experience.  Yes, I listened to my episode. I took in the podcast and made note of things that I did well and areas I could improve on. In order to improve my interview and podcasting skills, I need to be willing to learn and grow. I also wanted to make sure that I was promoting my brand to the best of my ability so people would feel interested in learning more about me.


Being a guest on a podcast is more than just sitting down with your computer and chatting with the host.  You need to practice, prepare your content and links, share the content, and learn from your experience so you can make sure that your business and brand are compatible with the podcast you are on. I am so thankful to Megan and for the community she has built.  Megan made my first experience on a podcast so easy and I am excited to practice and grow so I can do more podcasts down the road! 

You can support Megan and Boss Ladies and Babies by following her on social media @bossladiesandbabies and check out her podcast as well as other resources at 

Listen to me on the Boss Ladies and Babies Podcast here!

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