You want to work with a Virtual Assistant, now what? 

Okay, so you have decided to book a virtual assistant for your business.  You know your budget, what tasks you need help with, and even found the virtual assistant that you may want to work with.  Now what? Freelancers provide their own onboarding process for their clients. Follow these easy steps to book a freelance virtual assistant for your business.

The Process

  1. Free Discovery Call:  Book a free discovery call so they can learn more about your services.  This is when you can meet your potential VA, discuss your needs, and the VA, in turn, can decide if you are the right fit for them.  This part of the process is usually done over a video chat. 
  2. Pick your Package:  Based off of the call, they send you a proposal with information on the services they can provide.  Usually, a clear path was determined during the call and this is a summary of the collaboration that is about to occur.
  3. Contract and Payment:  Next, they send you a contract and invoice for the first month.  Of course, every VA works differently but most of the time you will find that freelancers get paid in one of the following ways; 100% upfront payment, 50% upfront and 50% upon completion, or they track their hours and invoice you after. This is usually disclosed at the discovery call or proposal phase. 
  4. Implementation:  They get to work on the agreed upon services and strategy. The contract is signed by both parties and payment has been received. Now is when the work really begins! 
  5. Development:  Continue to create content or tasks needed, so they can grow your business! This is when the process turns into a true collaboration and you have someone who is invested in your success! 

Find the Right Fit

This is the process that I use with my own business, Radtke Virtual Services.  Obviously, every virtual assistant has their own process to onboard a client, but this is a pretty accurate summary based off of what I do, as well as others in the freelance virtual assistant space.  The important things to remember when finding the right virtual assistant for your business is that they are proactive and provide great service, but also have a lot of heart and show enthusiasm for what you are doing. Once you find the right person, you can look forward to benefits such as achieving your goals, having a true collaborator in your corner, and time!  Time to focus on your business, your personal life, or both! 

Work with me!

When you work with me, you unite with a dedicated mompreneur who values your time and money. Your success is my success. I’m now doing what I love and making a big difference in the world, while being a work-from-home mom as a Virtual Assistant.  Please reach out if I can be of service to you and your business. 



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