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I’m Brittany Radtke, I empower ​entrepreneurs to achieve business success ​through email organization strategies and ​virtual assistant services.

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a woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children.

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Approach your work with fresh energy and enthusiasm.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that important tasks are handled by a professional.


Experience a newfound sense of empowerment and efficiency.


Focus on revenue-generating activities which can lead to financial growth.


Take back precious hours to focus on activities that complement your busy life!

Vi​rtual Assistant


Beyond the listed services, I specialize in crafting unique, custom packages tailored to your specific ​business needs. Every business and entrepreneur deserves a one-of-a-kind solution.

Contact me, and let's create a personalized plan for your journey to success.

Digital MArketing

Content Creation

Content Repurposing

Digital Product Development

Email Newsletters

General Admin

Data Entry

Cloud Storage Organiza​tion

Market Rese​arch

Project Manage​m​ent


Event Planning

Presentation Prep

Webinar Support

Relationship Management

Specialty Service

Elevate Your Email


Archive Your Anxiety

Feeling overwhelmed by a cluttered inbox? You're not alone! Let Radtke ​Virtual Services, your local VA expert, help you archive your email anxiety ​and take control of your inbox.

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The Farmgirl way

I know what you are probably thinking: “How does experience ​in animal science and food service management translate to ​being a digital marketer?” Below are some of the skills I have ​picked up along the way.

Competitiveness: Athletes have nothing on a farmgirl’s competitive ​spirit. Only someone who has devoted 100% of their energy to raising ​the world’s happiest and healthiest cows – and had their efforts ​judged during 4-H, FFA, and MJHA events – can truly understand what ​it means to want to succeed.

Collaboration: Working with others on a farm as well as on ​professional kitchen teams requires excellent communication and ​collaboration skills. This is why I prioritize working alongside my ​customers and learning from others in my network in order to provide ​the best possible experience with the products and services I offer.

Adaptability: When you are raised in a constantly evolving industry, ​you learn that change isn’t the exception. It is the rule! As such, I ​continually seek ways I can assist others with their struggles in order ​to make them more profitable and less stressed!

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Reliability. I have built a reliable work ethic by learning from my background experiences on the farm and in professional ​kitchens. From milking cows to meeting food truck deadlines, I understand that reliable performance is essential for ​success. My dependable nature and commitment to your success will help ensure that you can reach your goals.

Passion: “If it’s not fun, why do it?” Ben & Jerry’s motto isn’t just relevant to dairy industry professionals. It’s something ​everyone should take to heart – and indeed I do!

Don’t miss the rare opportunity to put a Minnesota dairy farmer’s daughter to work, I am here to help you succeed.


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I would like to be ​remembered as ​someone who used ​whatever talent she had ​to do her work to the ​very best of her ability.

-Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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Everything is hard ​before it is easy.

Johann Wolfgang ​von Goethe

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As a working mother, I ​know that women can ​be both professionally ​ambitious and deeply ​committed to their ​families.

-Tory Burch


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Passion is energy. ​Feel the power that ​comes from ​focusing on what ​excites you.

-Oprah Winfrey



"Brittany is a virtual assistant who is ​organized, hard-working, and great ​at communication. She would be a ​valuable asset to your business. ​With her help, you can focus on ​what you enjoy while she takes care ​of the tasks you delegate to her. She ​helped me get organized while ​understanding my needs. Brittany is ​committed to providing quality ​service and meeting deadlines. Her ​attention to detail ensures that all of ​your needs are met. She helped me ​update my Shopify store, upload ​new products, and reorganize my ​Pinterest account. I would definitely ​recommend her to anyone looking ​for help with their online presence." ​-Crystal

“Brittany is an excellent online ​professional and extremely ​proficient with social media and ​back-office support. Great ​communication skills and a delight ​to partner with!”​

-Bo Y​

“Brittany recently wrote some fresh ​copy for my website's home page as ​well as social media. Brittany is ​organized and hard-working which ​made each job a breeze! Brittany ​was proactive, had excellent ​communication, and provided ​useful information and ideas. Hands ​down, she is the best! Definitely ​recommend and you won't be ​disappointed!”​

-Jayme R​

“We were spending countless hours ​calculating payroll before Brittany ​implemented timekeeping software ​in our workplace. She took the time ​to research our organization, find ​the best software for our needs and ​budget, and train our staff. She ​made the whole process easy, ​saving us time and money!”​

-Angela E​

“Brittany is the absolute best! She ​helped me create a digital ​questionnaire for my new online ​course and that made such a big ​difference! It is so much easier for ​everyone involved. She already had ​the solution, without me even ​saying much. She is the absolute ​best and I can highly recommend ​her to anyone who wants to grow in ​business and needs a little (or a lot ​of) help. Brittany knows what she's ​talking about and comes with ​solutions"

-Sophie B

“I would highly recommend working ​with Brittany! She created our ​quarterly newsletter, wrote monthly ​articles for our local newspaper, ​and organized many of our events. ​Brittany is self-motivated and a ​hard worker and everyone has ​enjoyed working with her. Brittany ​was integral to our success!”​

-Kristine H​

From Maternity Leave to


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Hey there, I'm a Minnesota mompreneur, and I've got a story to share. A ​few years back, I was on maternity leave with my son, and the thought of ​going back to my job was tough. Not because I didn't love it, but because I ​wanted to be there for every moment with my kids.

My husband and I decided that I should stay home, but living off a single ​income was honestly, not an option. That's when I explored the world of ​freelancing.

Becoming an online business owner opened up a world of opportunities. I ​could be there for my son and pursue my career goals simultaneously. ​My journey started with a simple desire – to never miss a moment with ​him or my future children.

But, it came with its challenges. I worked tirelessly, and any slowdown ​could hurt our income. That's when I began searching for ways to make ​my business work FOR me.

Fast forward to today, our family has grown with the arrival of our new ​daughter and my business has undergone exciting transformations over ​the last few years. Change can be scary, but it's also incredibly ​exhilarating.

Contact me if you are in need of virtual assistant services or are ​interested in learning more about working from home.

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